How to Use Makeup Brushes

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How to Use Makeup Brushes


1: Add foundation with an angled foundation brush for a smooth finish. Load your foundation brush and begin applying the makeup at the center of your face. Sweep the foundation outwards toward your hairline and down toward your neck, making sure to evenly cover every area. Add more foundation to your brush as needed.[1]
An angled foundation brush helps you get in all the nooks and crannies on your face.[2]
Be sure to blend your foundation toward the jawline to create a more natural finish.

2: Use a concealer brush to dab concealer on problem areas. Concealer can go on top of liquid foundation. Use a concealer brush to dab it on areas like the redness around your nose, and other problem spots. Use longer strokes for bigger areas such as under-eye circles.[3]
This brush is small with short bristles and a tapered tip.

3: Go over your foundation and concealer with a damp beauty blender sponge. If you're looking for heavier coverage or if you use a lot of concealer, lightly wet a beauty blender sponge, and squeeze out the excess water. Add a little foundation to the sponge, and go over your entire face to create even, sheer coverage.[4]
If you added concealer, use this sponge to blend it into the foundation, so it doesn't stand out starkly. Blend in the edges to the foundation, and then completely cover the concealer with foundation.

4: Use a larger sculpted powder brush to apply powder. Pick a translucent setting powder or one that is lightly tinted to match your skin tone. Dab the brush into the powder, and brush it lightly across the bow of your lips, down your nose, in the hollows of your cheekbones, and in your T-zone.[5]
The T-zone is the area across your forehead and down the centre of your face that forms a capital "T." This area tends to be more oily, so powder helps balance that out.
Setting powders help set the concealer and foundation in place.